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How does PV Innovative Benchmarking Enterprise Differentiate In The Game Of SNEC?

How does PV Innovative Benchmarking Enterprise Differentiate In The Game Of SNEC?

How does PV Innovative Benchmarking Enterprise Differentiate In The Game Of SNEC?   The world’s most significant solar energy trade show, the SNEC PV Power 2023, was held on 24th-26th May, in Shanghai, China. DAH Solar as one of the fastest-growing PV companies has fully armed with innovative products and has the confidence to stand out among all the competition. For this important grand meeting, DAH Solar prepared the leading technology products and academic technology sessions to have better interaction with global visitors.   New Upgrade Of Full-Screen PV Module 2.0 Has Been Unveiled   The global patent product, Full-Screen PV Module is not a stranger to global PV market. After one year, it was announced, Full-Screen PV Module has gained a great reputation and recognition around the world, due to its 6-15% power generation growth ability. DAH Solar R&D team spent over 2 years developing Full-Screen module technology.It has even been calledan artwork. This year, and now, at this SNEC 2023 exhibition,with the leading N-type TOPCon Solar cell technology, the New upgrade of Full-Screen PV Module 2.0 was ready to meet everyone. Currently, the most powerful solar cell technology plus the leading TOPCon technology, the Full-Screen PV Module has accomplished a successful upgrade. Due to its powerful performances, TÜV NORD came to DAH Solar Full-Screen PV Module 2.0 product launch ceremony and showcased the Full-Screen PV Module field test report, then awarded the honor certification. According to Mr. Chengyin Jiang, the Director of R&D in DAH Solar, “The purpose for us to upgrade the Full-Screen PV Module is to create more energy value for global solar energy users. A truly great innovation is consistent. We value the market’s reviews and feedback. We keep tracking all the feedback from our customers and that’s why we decided to apply the leading TOPCon solar cell technology and upgrade the Full-Screen PV Module. We believe the Full-Screen PV Module will once again surprise the solar energy users.”   The World’s First Integrated PV System- SolarUnit, Newly Upgraded Balcony PV Scene   DAH Solar showed its sincerity and update the world’s first integrated PV system, the SolarUnit. It is worth noting that this year, except for the rooftop usage scenario, the use of balcony PV scenario was specially added. The SolarUnit copped with the Full-Screen PV Module 2.0 has surprised many visitors. SolarUnit is an exclusive innovation that DAH Solar has achieved. It focuses on solving the sore points in the residential PV market. All plug-in connections make the installation much easier. As the topic of balcony PV systems has risen in the discussion, this time at DAH Solar’s booth, they creatively conducted a stimulating balcony application. The eye-catching and vivid design won large attention during the trade show. The SolarUnit newly added balcony PV system assists in the acceleration of renewable e...

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Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., LTD (dah solar pour faire court) a été créé en 2009 avec une capacité de 500 MW par an. Nous sommes une entreprise nationale de haute technologie, spécialisée dans le développement et la fabrication de modules photovoltaïques, la construction et l'exploitation de centrales électriques photovoltaïques, la maintenance et l'investissement. nos produits ont été approuvés par la certification internationale comme tuv, ce, cec, inmetro, fide la certification domestique comme cqc, chef, iso9001, iso14001, ohsas18001, etc. dah solar a déjà ancré dans le marché intérieur, dans le même temps, dah solaire explore activement le marché international, et a établi le réseau de vente dans plus de 50 pays partout dans le monde. DAH Solar investit continuellement sur le R&D des produits et a déjà gagné plus de 30 brevets à l'heure actuelle. le module pv intelligent et la plate-forme de surveillance du nuage développés par dah solar sont à la pointe de l'industrie solaire.

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